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lgoldtop came across this band just from scrolling. lets just say they earned my support and money. You guys are extremly talented!
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mark So stoked on this release, this EP is exactly what I hoped for when it was announced. These guys have such an amazing sound, I hope they never stop making music. Favorite track: Dawn.
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Incentives Debut EP - 'Dusk'
Release Date: 30/6/2016


released June 30, 2016

Produced - Sam Bassal
Artwork - Kyle Adams and Darren Oorloff



all rights reserved


Incentives Melbourne, Australia

Melodic metalcore/hardcore from Melbourne, Australia.

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Track Name: Dawn
Try as I may, I'm falling
Falling just to move forward again
And I knew
But it didn't seem to matter
Ironically it's the best thing to ever happen to me

I never had it
I never had a chance to fucking breathe

This forward march is all I know
My passion awakes for life

Hopeless, you never, I always
It was never meant to be about you
I want, I want, I want an answer
All I want is the truth
And now I see
I was always the one that held the peace

Fall with me
You're undeserving of the place you held in me
Bring it to a fucking end

And after all this time
I'm finally seeing the light
No longer oppressed by the feelings inside
I know exactly how it feels to be alive

This forward march is all I know
My passion awakes for life

I’ve found a joy inside, within myself I will confide
Born again, I brush the debris aside
Track Name: Better Off
I dropped my heart off the edge of the world
My bones lay broken, my hands lay cold
Still I find myself digging down
More than content to douse the flame
Just put it out

I'm happier alone
Bury my emotions deep down below
At least I know where I stand now
God only knows, why I ever cared

There's a void in me, tear out my conscious so I can breathe
It's all I know, I'll cut the roots before they grow

I'm well aware that embers fade
Once promising lights all flickering out
I'm wide awake
Forever caught up in this endless race

And It’s happening again
Even though these tides may carry me to happier days
This stagnant ocean won’t wash me away 

There's every chance I'll regret the space that I created
When times passes by maybe this space can be re-allocated
Take me back to a time when I was whole
Track Name: Corrode (feat. Max Chapman of Imprisoned)
I don't know, how to cope
I'm far too young
I thought I got it, but I have it all wrong
I'm just a kid and I'm out of my depth
Not prepared for whatever comes next

I'll sit right here with you all night
Lay on my chest till the sky grows bright
I'll keep it this way,
Take all the sorrow and place it in me

I've seen this before, no doubt I'll see it again
This pattern never ends
We lay shattered, unsure how to speak
There's a hollowness, that barely allows me to breath

It concerns me to see you content with your life
The lack of progression is the cause of the strife
Like a cancer your negativity corrodes me
Draining the will to succeed replaced with self loathing

 For the first time in a long time
I thought I knew what pain was
Some die looking for a hand to hold

I'm scared I'm losing you
I'm scared I'm losing me
Losing me
Track Name: Place Holder
So here it is, here I stand
You were the one to hold onto me
And at the end of the day
You were my place to be
And now it’s all said and done
You should know you were the only one
Our love forever young
But for now it sets with the Sun
Track Name: Foreign
We scream silently
Walls of torment unable to be broken down
You want someone to feel your pain
My loss is your gain
I'm as lost as I've ever felt
A foreigner in your own house

No comfort, no warm embrace
I'm holding it in to aid your headspace
I don't know if I can keep this up much longer
Those glimpses of joy I hope grow stronger
It kills me to see you this way

How could I be so blind to your grief?
Now it’s all consuming
It’s all you see
It’s all you hear
Now the question is
Have I been blinded by attraction?
Too vain to take action
I think I'm seeing it now
You're out at sea, and there's no coming back

You’re all I want
You’re all I want
And everything I don’t need
Track Name: Dusk (feat. Tory Robertson of Harbours)
I’m letting go
Of the person I was to be,
Without a sense of security

My heart decayed
I was wasting away
I’m fucking sick of the heartbreak

I’ve lost my mind, over the thought of isolation
Over the stress of expectation
I’ll reinvent myself and weed out lies that corrupt the soil in me

Push me up pull me down,
Throw me side to side

Remove the ground from beneath my feet, your void won’t consume me
I’m broken; I need to regain my pride
I once held a hope that, relied on compromise
My outlook has grown strong,
I’m not caught up in the fear of losing you
One thing’s for certain, I’m fucking over always missing you
Always missing you

For what it’s worth
I always adored you
But we were destined to fail from the start

Speak to me,
And tell me what to believe
Let me breathe,
As I try to forget
Speak to me

(I’m sick of falling) In the hope that you will return
(I’m sick of falling) for the notes that you left at home
(I’m sick of falling) for the person you turned out to be
(I’m sick of falling) Just leave me be